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Startventure technologies is operated and managed by its parent company Fatpenguin Technologies LLP comprised of young, dynamic and bright minds working on Robotics, Automation, Software, Web and Digital Electronics.

Startventure technologies consists of a team of young yet experienced and creative UI designers, developers and internet marketers who work in perfect unity churning out a range of expert driven digital services and softwares that help assist businesses grow and become more efficient everyday, cut unnecessary costs and help manage organizations efficiently. All of which equates to a higher ROI and better business.

Our team consists of innovative developers and veteran digital marketers and branding specialists with background from agencies, big corporations and start-ups from different regions across. In addition, we have a hub of trusted freelancers and partner-agencies in related service areas to help our clients scale up their marketing activities. As a result, we have the competence, capacity and agility that few other agencies can match.

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Streamline your efforts and processes with our design, marketing management and operations expertise. Regardless if you are a software platform, industry hub, OEM or have a specialized engineering product to promote, we can help you condense and simplify your offerings into well-targeted, accessible value propositions.

Mission & Vision

Our vision is to earn an worldwide reputation as an integral IT Software partner by delivering high quality software innovations and achieve our target by providing softwares to the global markets through constant Innovation in technology that lets our customers towards a higher business efficiency and success.

Our Core Objectives Include
•   Partnering with clients to help bring in fresh ideas into our team ensuring radical innovation and ever increasing quality standards and productivity.
•   Being a trustworthy and fair business partner for all our customers.
•   Maintaining and upgrading the quality of work.
•   Keep Motivating our team to constantly deliver as per our client's optimum satisfaction levels.
•   Keep great pricing yet no compromise on quality of offerings.

Solve problems

Our main objective is to solve critical problems that are faced by our customers and solve them with grace.

Always listen

We make sure we listen to your exact requirements before delivering a software to you. Our listening skills make us stand out.

Respect others

All of our work is centered around a deep sense of respect and gratitude for our clientele which ensures we provide them the best.

Keep it simple

We prefer to create simple, clean and easy to understand and use softwares for our clients.

Grow the business

Our softwares lets you focus on growing your business while we take care of the nitty gritties of it.

Client value creation

Our solutions are developed to create utmost value and efficiency in the target business.

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We are Indian from our Heart and Mind & Proud of it

We love and hold close our rich Indian ethnicity and its beautiful heritage, its deep mysticism, its varied and unique cultures, interesting cuisines and the breathtaking landscapes that surely allure our hearts. Due to the strong bond we feel with our great nation, we have always wanted to give back to our people and thus have now been actively working to develop SME businesses across the Northeast sectors and some other remote parts of the country from the last two years. This initiative by us has not only let the people there develop their existing business to newer heights but also has led to an increase in tourism to those areas which is paving the way for both SME businesses in those places and the governments to provide a higher and better standards of livelihood to their people.

Our expertise in the digital and technology verticals have led us to create viable solutions for SMEs working in remote areas and we are very proud of their achievements!



We have partnered with some of the best companies across the world to provide our customers with the best in class hosting infrastructure.

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Enhance your business website with our website addons and hosted softwares that can be deployed fast and affordably to your already existing business website.

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